Welcome to Bunker Hill Elementary!

Our goal for the school year, as developed collaboratively by all school staff, is to develop each child to his/her fullest potential. We strive to prepare students to meet current and future life experiences by:

  • Creating independent problem solvers
  • Working as collaborative teams, both horizontally and vertically
  • Valuing, teaching, and modeling the life skills
  • Valuing and fostering individual / unique strengths
  • Children Practicing Respect (CPR)
  • Students having access to technology at the point of instruction
  • All Bunker Hill faculty and staff living the  "5 P's" - Professional, Positive, Passionate, Progressive, Problem Solver

School Theme and Motto
At Bunker Hill, we strive for academic excellence, as well as teaching our students the life skills needed to be productive members of society, who understand the importance of giving back to the community.  We have adopted the Spring Branch ISD motto of "Quality Without Question" in both our academic and life skills program. We stress the importance of respect with our life skill program, "CPR, Children Practicing Respect."

At Bunker Hill, we believe there is no place for hate, of any kind, and were awarded last year by the Anti-Defamation League for our life skills program. Additionally, if you walk into the classrooms at Bunker Hill, you will likely find a fish hanging somewhere in the room or attached to one of the computers. This fish represents our attitude of support and perseverance. At Bunker Hill, we are definitely one school that swims together. Even when faced with challenges, our faculty and students have adopted the attitude that "We will just keep swimming."

Student Enrollment - 665
Students Attendance Rate - 99%