At Bunker Hill lunch is served every day in the cafeteria. Students have a choice between several healthy and nutritious options.

Menus and where to make an online payments can be found here

Lunch Times by Grade Level:
Grade Level Time
Kindergarten 11:30-12:00
1st Grade 11:55-12:25
2nd Grade 12:05-12:35
3rd Grade 11:20-11:50
4th Grade 12:25-12:55
5th Grade 10:50-11:20


If you plan for your child to purchase lunch from the cafeteria, either exclusively or from time to time, you can either send in a check, cash or set up an online meal account.  To pay in cash or check, simply send money with your child each time he/she buys.  Send the envelope labeled with your child’s name, lunch number (you obtain from the office or in Skyward), and teacher name.  

To pay online, set up a meal account by going to “Useful Links" at  or by going to and click “Students & Families” and select “Menus & Online Payments.” It is best to pre-pay a larger amount rather than send $2.00 daily.

Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch.  Please know you will need your ID to sign in/out at the front desk.  Tables on the far right are reserved for parents eating with their children.  Your child cannot ask a friend to join you.  You can also choose to eat at one of the many picnic tables outside on campus found along the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade hallways.  Kinder parents are asked to wait until October to come for a lunch visit to allow time for their child to get acclimated to their new school, schedule and routines, and new classmates.  Be sure to exit out the front of the school and turn in your visitor badge.